Scoop & Cones Ice Cream

Client: Scoop & Cones
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media
Country: India

Scoop & Cones is an ice-cream brand that combines the old classic flavours with totally new ones.

Vibrant / Old-fashioned / Friendly / Classic

The logotype’s font choice fell on the sans serif type. Due to its simplicity and the brand’s vibrant branding, we wanted to create a balance by choosing a minimal font. We created a vintage-style secondary mark with spoons and cones colliding as classic and new flavours do in this brand.

The colours we have selected are divided into two sets of colours. The first set is a neutral combination of black and grey shades, and the second set consists of red, peach, and maroon shades. This way, colour combinations are easier and more harmonised. However, for some flavours’ packaging, we have included additional colours connected to their ingredients.

For the ice-cream packaging, we created separate patterns, including illustrations of the main ingredients for visual comprehension of the flavour. The caps of the packaging are also connected with the pattern’s special colour, i.e., the colours chosen for the colour pattern.

The packaging’s label layout we designed is comprehensive and includes important information such as “Low fat” and “Calories per pint” in front. To add a prestigious look and feel, we have included the “Limited Edition” phrase.

We have also created an apron similar to the packaging design for the apron. Since the Scoop & Cones have a classic and vintage feel, we have also designed a mini ice-cream truck.