Drop Co. Coffee Roasters

Client: Drop Co.
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media, 3D
Country: USA

Drop Co. is a coffee house based in Baltimore, Maryland. They also offer a cold brew coffee in a glass bottle, so their customers can grab a cold coffee and continue their walk in the hot weather while enjoying their coffee.

Modern / Colourful / Associative / Bold

We prepared a modern and professional logo design, including a drop as a part of the highlight. We picked sans serif to give the classic look; we chose it to create a timeless feel. At the same time, we included the “Coffee Roasters” in a script font. To create a remarkable look, we have also created the secondary marks and monogram.

The colour palette consists of the vibrant blue, as it gives a professional look, and the set of soft green, peach and yellow colours. Each colour is assigned to different flavours and their associations. As a main background, we selected a whitish color, which in combination with blue gives not only a professional look, but prestige feel as well.

The packaging we designed is made in classic style, with a white background and a blue label. The flavour part is separated by its own special colour box. The logo was placed right above the label, and at the top part of the packaging, we placed the monogram. As for the layout, we placed the main information such as processing, geography, processing and flavours.

We have also designed the label for the cold brew coffee in a glass bottle, which is fully covered with the special flavour colour and has a simple design. We placed the logotype’s half on the label and the other half on the bottle itself for the impression of energy fulfilment.

In addition, we created coffee cup designs, 3D models, and social media content.