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Marka Works is an award-winning branding agency specialized in Branding and Packaging. We work with Brands and Start-Ups worldwide. We offer unique branding experiences for our partners and make them a success.

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There is no second chance for your brand to be able to give the first effect right.

That’s why we aim to bring out only the best result while creating unique brands and designs with my creative team. We make the projects we prepare stand out in their markets. We create a passionate bond between target audiences and projects. One day, we believe that your path and our path will come across and we believe that we will make you reach the excellence.

Mustafa Akülker

Founder, Design Director

Some brands we have created

What our partners say

``There were brands with logo designs that we liked very much, and we had always admired, and we were wondering if ours would be like theirs, now we can confidently say that 'ours is much more beautiful' with a big smile on our faces! We are grateful to all MarkaWorks employees who did not turn down any of our requests in the branding process and always offered us something more beautiful than we ever expected! ☺️``

Merve Özdoğan Founder at Alici's

``Marka team gave life to our branding through our packagings. Fresh İdeas, multiple proposals, lots of feedbacks and exchanges over the weeks. We were tough to please and they somehow managed to come with the ideas packagings to meet all of our (numerous) requirements, what else should have we expected? Thanks for your work.``

Louis Bertolini Founder at Green Whey

``I've had a pleasant experience overall working with Marka. From the beginning, I appreciated the professionalism with which they presented materials throughout the process, and I was excited with the different branding options and they really took my comments and opinions into consideration. They've also always taken time to discuss different matters with me even after the project was done, they've been willing to help me with further.``

Yusuf Amanullah Founder at Impact Coffee

``What a delight it was working with MarkaWorks. They're great communicators and receptive to feedback. They really took our vision, pieced it together and turned it into a Rad final product.``

Owen Lysaught Founder at RadWax

“I am absolutely over the moon with my stunning logo and marketing materials and have had a great many compliments from people. I would definitely work with the Marka Works team again and would recommend them to anyone who is serious about creating a standout branding.”

Catherine Turner Founder at Cat Turner

``The main reason for choosing Marka Works was their unique style and portfolio. Their portfolio didn't give me any doubts that they will do a proper job. The process was so smooth and efficient that we didn't even need any meetings. Highly recommend it!``

Tomas Indriunas Founder at Better Market

``MarkaWorks was definitely the right choice for our brand identity and product labels! The whole team was very supportive and responded quickly to requests during the design process and came up with very good ideas that clearly sets apart our brand from our competitors. We are very happy with the final results and are looking forward to our future projects!``

Christian Bezet Founder at Amano

``It was such a pleasure working with Markaworks on our project! They were great listeners through this process and paid attention to all the details within our project. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their branding to a new level. Hopefully, we can work on more projects together in the future.``

Isaac Benedict Founder at SipNSand

``You guys were great! We love the way you captured our brand’s personality and vision. So well designed. The professionalism was top-notched! I don’t know how guys kept in touch with us throughout the whole thing to make sure it met all of our expectations. The communication, and the whole process from start to finish felt effortless. We are very happy with the result and will be sure to recommend it in any future ventures. Thank you!``

Joy Rodrigo Founder at Fleur Feels

``Marka Works has an expertise in modern, social proof branding & design. Above that they foster a very constructive and flexible collaboration. I would recommend them to everyone.``

Charlotte Croonenberghs Marketing Director at Vision Healthcare Belgium

``I have had a great time working with your team. Your team is very quick and detail oriented.``

Selom Agbitor Founder at Mad Rabbit USA

Creative Process


We think it is necessary to understand the project and its needs in the best way in order to reach the most accurate result in projects. And we go through a rigorous research process at the beginning of the project with our team.


We prepare our findings and the works we envision in our minds in different concepts. We design in many different directions. We offer only the best concepts by filtering with our own creative team.


We share the concepts we prepare with our partners at every step and exchange ideas. In this way, we move forward with the right outputs at the right time. We think every idea is valuable and contributes to projects.


We prepare your projects for your target audience in the most effective way by passing the projects we carry out meticulously through all our creative processes. We put your project ahead of your competitors.

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