Roys Natural Skincare

Client: Roys Natural Skincare
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media, 3D
Country: USA

Roys is a natural skincare product made of organic ingredients.

Bold / Natural / Simple / Minimal / Prestigious

We created a simple and minimal logo design with multiple prototypes of the secondary mark, which can be applied and used on different surfaces and purposes. For the logotype, we preferred the serif font as its classical view gives a prestige feel.

The colour palette was divided into two different spectres. The first spectre is a neutral black and grey shade of colour, and the second spectre is a collection of pastel colours. Each of the pastel colours was set for a specific product.

As for the packaging designs, we created the same layout and design for each product. The only difference is the colour and the product name. The design’s top half is a soft grey colour and includes only the logotype on it. The bottom half includes a specific colour and a minimal layout with the product name, weight, and the “Organic ingredient” phrase. This way, it has a minimal look and gives the product a professional look.