Music & Beans

Client: Music & Beans
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: UK

Music & Beans is a coffee shop based in London. The concept of this coffee house is unique as you can enjoy your coffee and live music at the same time. You can also play any instrument you want in a special soundproof room.

Timeless / Original / Meaningful / Comprehensible / Harmonised

We decided to create a meaningful icon instead of a simple ampersand to connect the coffee and music in the logo design. As for the logotype, we chose a sans serif font with capital letters only, as it gives a classic feel and a timeless look.

To build an association with music, we decided to go with black and white as the main colours to remind people of the keys of a piano. At the same time, we included peach, beige, and blue shades of colour for some contrast combinations to be made in future.

We also created the coffee and cold drinks cups, as well as the takeaway bags, aprons, and special musician edition coffee cups. The aprons and coffee cups have a black and white striped design, which represents piano keys. For the cold drink cups, we designed a secondary mark in the center of which we placed the highlighted icon.