Music & Beans

The Client

Music & Beans is a coffee shop in London that offers its customers unique coffee and daily fresh bakery with tasty flavors. However, their concept is a little unusual. It allows you to enjoy coffee and music at the same time.

The Objective

After drinking your coffee and having your breakfast with freshly baked sourdough bread at Music & Beans, you can play any instrument you want in special soundproof rooms and even buy your favorite one!

The Solution

We wanted to make an original work for this original shop. By blending the & symbol in the name with the guitar icon, we made a design that symbolizes the guitar and designed a new icon for the name. We mainly used black and white colors in our design. In addition to these colors, we used vertical lines in the design of products such as paper cups and aprons. These designs reminded us of the keys of a piano and allowed us to harmonize the branding with the theme. Thus, we achieved a modern and lively look with two classic colors. In addition, we preferred to follow a more colorful way in our poster design.

We hope you like it too!