Sophia’s Tea

Client: Sofia's Tea
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media, 3D
Country: USA

Sophia’s Tea is a natural herbal tea brand that is based in the USA. The brand offers a large variety of fruity tea blends made from natural homemade ingredients.

Vibrant / Eye-catchy / Creative / Unique

At first we thought of the cursive script font, but then we decided to go with the sans serif font, as it gives a more professional and classic look. We have also created a large variety of secondary marks for the different applications.

The colour palette is rich with pastel colours, their spectres and their vivid colour versions. At the same time, we designed patterns for each flavour, including different illustrations and colour combinations.

We were asked to create a design for three tea blends first. So we created a pattern for each packaging with colour associations with the flavours. For a more comfortable view for consumers, we designed a small and informative label, including information about the steep temperature and time needed for this tea. The front label also includes tasting notes and ingredients.