Herboil CBD Hemp Oil

The Client
Setting out with the aim of increasing the quality of life, Herb Oil has developed a product that will bring your quality of life to the next level; Hemp Oil.

The Objective

The properties of hemp oil that relieve pain, relieve stress and anxiety, anti-inflammatory, help to sleep soundly and provide clarity to the mind are known by everyone. Herboil aims to touch your life by offering this miraculous oil to you.

The Solution

As MarkaWorks, we aimed to create a remarkable brand identity for them. In this process, we have achieved a striking appearance from the contrast of soft and vibrant colors together. In order to achieve a more minimalist look in the logo design, we created an icon consisting of linear lines. In the posters we designed, we created a simple but effective presentation with the same colors and natural patterns in product packaging and bottle design.
Hope you like it!