Herboil CBD Hemp Oil

Client: Herboil Premium Oil Blends
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: Canada

Herboil is an organic hemp oil blend that helps people increase the quality of their lives by relieving pain, stress, and anxiety.

Comprehensive / Natural / Prestigious / Eye-catchy

We designed a logo out of a sans serif font, which gives a feeling of simplicity and a timeless look. To add more understanding to the brand, we created an emblem, which is a vectored illustration of hemp. For an additional appliance variant, we designed an icon as well.

The colour palette consists of green shades and neutral, creamy colours. This way, colour spectre creates a minimal and classic look and feel, at the same time giving professional energy. In addition, we designed a pattern that includes natural patterns, which include hemp illustrations.

As for the packaging, we created a bottle and box design. The box design is made up of a creamy background and green font colour. We thought of a simple and minimal layout, including only important information at the front and back of the box. On the sides of the box, we included a general description of the product.

The bottle design includes the natural hemp leaf pattern with minimal label layout. The difference between the box and the bottle is that the logo and emblem are placed at the bottom of the bottle.