La Casiana Coffee

Client: La Casiana Coffee
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, 3D
Country: Colombia

La Casiana is a coffee shop that offers its customers coffee from different parts of the world and different processes.

Vibrant / Meaningful / Bold / Eye-catchy

Considering the name of the brand, we came up with a transitional serif font for the logo’s “La Casiana” and a sans serif font for the “Coffee Company.” This way, it gives a practical and modern feel at the same time.

The colour spectrum is rich with green, orange, pink, and grey shades. Combining these colours creates a vivid and attention-grabbing look, which is the goal of our project. We have also created a vibrant pattern with leaf and flower illustrations and created them in multiple colour variations for different coffee flavours.

The vibrant packages that we created include the small white label, including main points about coffee production’s country and flavours. The logo is located at the centre bottom of the pink label. The upper part is fully covered with a pattern. There is also a yellow-coloured pattern on the sides of the packaging.

The coffee cup holders combine comfort and vibrancy into great companions. That’s why we designed them both in the most matching and combinational way. There are also cold brew coffees that La Casiana offers, and we created them the same way as the main coffee packages. The bottom parts are one colour and the upper parts are fully patterned with the minimal, but informative layout.