The Supreme Roastering Co.

The Client

The Supreme Roastering Co., a coffee producer based in San Francisco, CA. We designed their brand identity in order to provide them with a vintage and minimal look.

The Objective

It is a design in which we wish to give us the real coffee experience with coffees in different aromas produced from the high quality coffee beans.

The Solution

For Supreme, we initially chose dark tones, but then decided to create a subtle contrast with the orange color. In addition, we used light and soft colors as complementary.

During our brand identity formulation process, we integrated Supreme typography which has a more vintage look, with the typography in Roastering Co. which has a more minimal look.

We have adopted a simple and easy-to-understand style in the label design. In addition to product designs such as takeaway cups and coasters, we created a unique design  by using different combinations of the same colors and patterns on each packaging design. 

We hope you like it too!