The Supreme Roastering Co.

Client: The Supreme Roastering Co.
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, 3D
Country: USA

The Supreme Roastering Co. is a coffee shop which is based in San Francisco, CA. They are targeting vintage lovers, but at the same time, they want the brand to be minimal.

Vintage / Minimal / Vivid / Eye-catchy / Upscale

For the vintage look, we decided to go with an old-style script font for the “The Supreme” logotype. However, we picked a minimal and monospaced font type for the “Roasting Co.”. Additionally, we have also designed a multiple choice of secondary marks, which can be used and applied for any surface and purpose.

The inspiration for the colour board comes from coffee beans and mainly consists of shades of green, neutral colours and orange. Also, this colour combination gives an association with the old-styled logos, which always included a shade of orange. As for the pattern, we created two different patterns. One of them is a chess-like pattern, and the second pattern is a striped design.

We created six coffee packages that have similar designs but different layouts. To show the difference and uniqueness of each product, we used two main patterns differently by enlarging, downsizing, and rotating them in multiple variations. The upper part is fully dark green with a logo on it, and the bottom part is patterned with a label on top of it with the flavour, name, and the rest of the information about coffee.

In addition to coffee packages, we have designed cold brew coffee cans and coffee cups. Cold brew cans are simpler and only come in two colors. The pattern is placed on the label as a small square with the secondary element.