Pureskin Natural Skincare

Client: Pureskin
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media, 3D
Country: France

Pureskin is a natural skincare products company which is based in France. Their brand is focused on simplicity and vibrancy at the same time. Pureskin cares for the environment. That’s why they create their packaging out of recycled products.

Vibrant / Minimal / Bold / Eye-catchy / Smooth / Fancy

For the logotype, we came up with two font versions, one of which is bold and classic, and the second version is smooth, fancy, and soft. Additionally, we created a secondary mark which indicates the naturalness of the product and is applicable on any surface and for different purposes.

As for the colour palette, we have selected soft pastel colours and assigned them to each product and its association. For example, a yellow pastel colour was selected for the “Honey” oil make-up remover, a blue colour for the “Ocean” make-up remover, and pink was picked for the “Spring”. Each colour has an association with an aroma or psychological meaning.

The packaging designs we have created are simple and minimal. The background colour covers the whole bottle design, and for a more luxurious feel, we added a matte cover. As for the layout, we placed the sans serif logo at the top, and designed the name of the product in a big cursive font. The rest of the information is minimally placed on the table at the bottom of the bottle.

We have also designed the box, which is similar to the product design as well. For the bag design, we picked a script font and a clean white background.