Her Propertea

Client: Her Propertea
Services: Branding, Packaging, 3D, Social Media
Country: USA
Introducing HerProperTea, a brand nestled in the world of refined flavors. They’ve curated a collection that celebrates the elegance and tranquility found in whole-leaf teas. Our design philosophy for HerProperTea revolves around creating a brand identity seeped in minimalism, echoing the brand’s focus on simplicity and sophistication. Each packaging design is a step towards the serene journey that unfolds with every sip, elevating the identity of the brand and the experience of tea enthusiasts to a new level of refinement. Our design studio meticulously crafted a visual journey for HerProperTea, showcasing our expertise in branding, packaging, illustration, art direction, and 3D scenes. The culmination of these services breathes life into HerProperTea’s identity, ensuring that every aspect, from the logo to the packaging, reflects the brand’s commitment to refined flavors and tranquility.
Delivered Services
Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Art Direction, 3D Scenes