Client: Roly
Services: Branding, Packaging, 3D, Social Media
Country: Latvia
Roly is a brand that is dedicated to transforming the smiles of people, one sparkling smile at a time, by providing sonic electric toothbrushes that redefine first-class oral hygiene. The company envisions a world where everyone’s smiles radiate confidence and we brought that brand to life. Our branding agency crafted a unique identity that mirrors the essence of sparkling smiles by customizing the Y in Roly to resemble a smile serves as a distinctive representation of the brand’s commitment to creating smiles that shine. Complemented by a minimal emblem and a floss-like pattern, the branding elements embody simplicity and efficacy. Our branding studio’s modeling team meticulously worked on the the toothbrushes in 3D to accurately showcase the product on various assets and their website. This approach ensures that customers get an authentic and detailed view of the product, enhancing the overall brand identity.
Delivered Services:
Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction, 3D Scenes, Web Design