Hermanos Brewing Co.

The Client

Hermanos is a beer brand that has entered the market with a new but assertive approach.

The Objective

They work meticulously so that you can sip Hermanos’ beers with pleasure. It offers you products suitable for every palate, so that you can make every moment enjoyable with their beers, each of which has different brewing times.

The Solution

While creating the identity of this new brand, we planned a design that combines the classic and modern exactly as they wanted. We applied a two-tone design to the product to make it look modern while maintaining its classic image. In this way, we have provided the advantage of showing the brewing type with each different color while the upper part remains the same. We have brought an interpretation that is not far from the classic in the design of the logos and prepared it in a structure that can be used in the printing of t-shirts and other products. Finally, we created the posters with an energetic and colorful design.
We hope you like it!