Client: Natura
Services: Branding,Packaging Design,3D,Amazon Content
Country: Spain

Natura is a natural supplemental brand that offers separate products for both men and women.

Upscale / Soft / Bold / Vegan / Professional

As it is a natural supplement company, we have designed a simple and timeless logotype with a leaf above the last “a” to highlight the naturalness of the products.

We selected all the vibrant colours with their soft pastel tone spectres. Soft colours were chosen as a background set for each supplement type. As for the packaging pattern, it was created in different styles, combining vibrant and pastel shades at the same time.

The packaging design we created draws attention and gets associations with nature and natural products that were used for making these supplements. The name of the product was also made with a bold font and matched in colour with the pattern design. We have also created a 3D design for each product, with different scenes and compositions.