Soirée Restaurant

Client: Soiree
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: UK

Soirée is a Turkish restaurant in Essex and, by its definition in French, an evening affair with friends, loved ones, music and a luxurious atmosphere.

Prestige / Meaningful / Comprehensive / Upscale

Our client wanted us to create a bold, balanced, and eye-catching logotype. That’s why we used a minimal but bold sans serif font. Additionally, we designed an emblem using classic and luxurious ornaments and added the “S” letter at the centre.

For the colour palette, we used gold, black, and multiple shades of green. Gold was chosen for its expensive look and prestige associations. Green shades have a positive energy and a feeling of life. Because of the black colour’s neutrality and ability to be combined with any colour and shade, we decided to go with it. We have also created a pattern using logo emblems without the “S” letter at the centre.

Thinking about this project being a restaurant, we decided to personalise the rest of the details, such as napkins, dishes, take away bags, and menu.