Odeur Botanical Candles

Client: Odeur
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: USA
Odeur is a botanical candle brand based in the USA. Their goal is to create unique aromas that capture the complex beauties of smells, such as Camp-fire, Fire-wood and Tobacco-odors. For Odeur’s unique look, we started their candle branding with packaging. The packaging designs are designed colourfully according to their aroma, all of the information is included on the front of the packaging so that the logo design and the aroma’s name would stand out at first glance. Our branding agency meticulously worked on fusing their brand dna with stunning 3D images to create a brand identity that will always stand out among their competitors. You can see an example of this on their website design where the 3D assets were used masterfully.
Delivered Services
Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction, 3D Scene Creation, Web Design