Las Habitas Coffee Co.

Client: Las Habitas Coffee Co.
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Logo Animation
Country: Turkey


Las Habitas is a coffee house that has adopted the principle of offering us the most delicious coffee. It first opened in Izmir, and now is spreading all over Turkey.



Innovative / Natural / Memorisable / Eye-catchy / Vintage / Professional



Due to the founders’ love for vintage coffee houses, we have created a logo with a vintage look with modern traces. The font of the primary logo is bold and timeless, whereas its alternate logo has a fancy and soft cursive font. For multiple usage purposes, we came up with two submark logos.

For the color palette, we selected soft pastel colors with dark blue as a highlight of the brand identity. At the same time, dark blue calls for professionalism and trustworthiness as an association with the brand.

As most of the coffee houses sell their own coffee packages, we have also created packaging designs for the Las Habitas. For each coffee type, we specifically illustrated the most famous highlights of the country where these coffee beans come from. We designed the bottles of fresh juice they make.

We have also designed a menu and other small details that are needed for the coffee store.