Flavia Botanicals

Client: Flavia Botanicals
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media
Country: India

Flavia is a brand concept that was created to show how professional and minimally hair care products with natural elements can be designed.

Minimal / Professional / Comprehensible / Natural / Modern

We started creating the brand identity with a serif font for the logotype and a flower icon for the emblem. For a timeless and modern look, we selected a serif font, and for an affirmative feel, we designed the logotype with capital letters. In association with flowers and nature, we created a symmetrical flower emblem.

The colour palette consists of soft pastel colours such as peach, orange, and greenish hues. Each colour is assigned to a specific product. The main colour for the background is warm beige, as its neutrality can be combined with any colour from the palette.

For the packaging, we have created a minimal and prestigious design. The upper part of the packaging is beige coloured, and the bottom part was made in a specific colour that was chosen for a specific product. The Beige part includes the logo and emblem, product specification, and bold typed flavour name.