Capeesh Cucina Italiana Lounge Skybar

Client: Capeesh Cucina Italiana
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: UK

Capeesh Italian is a Canary Wharf-based restaurant serving Italian food and run by the Topkaya family.

Prestigious / Upscale / Unique / Welcoming / Classic

We were asked to create a logo that stands out from the rest of the restaurant logos while remaining professional and classic. As we liked challenges, we took this challenge and here is the outcome.

We decided to create our own unique font and divided the logo into two parts as it was cut. To create an eye-catching logo, we thought of making it bold, but instead we used thin and elegant lines. We have also created different types of logos for a wider variety of applications and usage.

The colours were chosen to be dark and professional, with rich gold and white colours for multiple colour combinations and luxurious look. We used food-connected words for the pattern for a bold and associative look and feel.

We designed a takeaway bag, a pizza box, a menu and other details connected with the restaurant.