Vero Gelato

The Client

Vero Gelato, the Italian boutique ice cream maker, which contains fresh fruits, daily milk and lots of love in its formula and thus allowing us to experience the real ice cream flavor, offers unique tastes to its customers in Istanbul.

The Objective

Aiming to make everyone in Istanbul taste the real and unique flavor of ice cream, Vero Gelato offers new flavors to its customers and does it in the most natural and fresh way.

The Solution

As Marka Works, we helped them create their brand identities with our own formulas. In this process, we prepared colorful and modern looking business cards and brochures like their personalities. We created their logo inspired by their mouth-watering ice creams. Inspired by its refreshing taste, we designed sweet ice cream containers and cool packaging boxes using our own icons in colors and patterns that will refresh you. With the help of soft and pastel colors, we created a new identity where minimalism is at the forefront. For this great place that appeals to everyone, we have prepared designs that we hope will appeal to everyone.

We hope you like it too!