Thompson – Liquid Dietary Supplement

Client: Thompson
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: Canada

Thompson is a liquid dietary supplement brand based in Canada. It’s a full-spectrum hemp oil made from organically grown California hemp.

Strong / Professional / Comprehensive / Timeless

As a solution for the Thompson’s branding, we came up with a classic font for the logo and a hemp illustrated emblem. This way, the supplementary type becomes more understandable for viewers.

There are four main colours for the flavour types, and two other colours were selected for the packaging background and typography. For example, the orange colour goes for the orange flavour, green for the apple, mint flavour for the peppermint, and violet for the blueberry flavour.

Meanwhile, the whole label’s layout was meant to look professional. For this reason, we placed the logo and the emblem at the top of the label. All the important information for the packaging was placed at the front, separated by the specific lines and their specific colours. The rest of the background is a matte transparent bottle.