The Morald Whiskey Co.

Client: The Morald Whiskey Co.
Services: Branding, Packaging, 3D
Country: Scotland
Distilled in the heart of Speyside, Morald Whiskey is a celebration of Speyside’s rich heritage. Each bottle is a masterfully conveyed representation of their Scottish legacy beyond mere sips. Our brand strategy for Morald was to capture the spirit that defines Morald Whiskey in their visual identity. The best way to show their elegance was through simplicity in design and we focused on that for their label design. In our brand strategy for Morald, we aimed to visually capture the very spirit that defines their whiskey. Opting for simplicity in design, we focused on conveying their elegance through a carefully crafted label design, ensuring that every detail reflects the sophistication of Morald Whiskey.
Delivered Services
Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction, 3D Scene Creation