The Client

Spout is a coffee shop established in Saudi Arabia that offers high quality coffee to its customers.

The Objective

Spout offers daily, fresh desserts and fresh beverages with unique flavors as well as the perfectly roasted coffee as they use high quality coffee beans.

The Solution

When we were creating the brand identity of Spout, we wanted to emphasize the high quality coffee and the luxurious and bold look with gold and black color tones. We created a remarkable and powerful logo design by using the letter ‘O’ in its name. Besides, the main reason why we used the letter ‘O’ in the logo was to create a logo that complements the brand by almost uniting the upper part of the letter ‘O’ to the lower part as to resemble it to the coffee spoon in coffee machines. For the design of the menus, we aimed to give a simple, yet stylish look. We have also created poster designs that gives a bold impression, as well as the cool takeaway cups and boxes’ designs.