Client: Rootine Sparklink Water
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media

Rootine is a CBD infused sparkling water brand. The founder’s main goal is to help to overcome stresses people encounter on daily basis due to many reasons.

Minimal / Soft / Bold / Meaningful / Comprehensive

Considering the whole identity to be soft and minimal, we decided to create a contrasting, bold logo. The font we used for the logo is sans serif with a minimum of pointy edges for a softer look.

As for the colour palette, we selected a collection of soft pastel colours combined with the dark green colour that is used for the logo. Soft pastel colours usually have a calming effect and evoke feelings of care and love.

Each flavor’s packaging has its own colour scheme and a minimal illustration of the main ingredients on top. This was done for easier recognition of the taste. The label’s layout includes only the logo, flavour weight, and product type.