Client: Pawly
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, 3D
Country: USA
Pawly is a dog food brand that focuses on the delivery of high-quality and nutritional food for our furry friends. 
Vibrant / Bold / Comprehensible / Unique / Natural 
As in every branding project, we started our project with logo creation. For a soft and affirmative look, we selected a bold font using capital letters only. At some point, we can see a dog’s legs from cartoons in the “W” letter. The colour palette is full of vibrant, eye-catching primary colours. This way, the product grabs the attention of the pet owners and the pets as well. Considering dogs’ dichromatic vision, we selected yellow and blue colours, so it stands out from other products and gets their curiosity. We used real dog images for the packaging as they give a more wholesome emotion to the pet owners. Each flavour has its own unique colour combination with bone patterns, and each packaging has a different dog image to show the difference between each product and their belonging to specific dog sizes.