Client: Pawly
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, 3D
Country: USA
Pawly is a distinguished pet food brand based in the US that is committed to crafting premium dog food using the best ingredients for your dog which are sourced globally. Our branding studio embarked on a design journey for Pawly, creating a visual identity that integrates playfulness and minimalism in their logo. The customized logo and the vibrant packaging design adds a touch of whimsical joy found in dogs. In our design journey with Pawly, our branding studio embraced a harmonious blend of playfulness and minimalism, weaving them seamlessly into the fabric of their visual identity. Each meticulously designed package is features a label-style stamp that showcases the 3-4 main ingredients, thus allowing pet owners to make conscious decisions.
Delivered Services
Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction, 3D Scene Creation