Noir Argan Oil

Client: Noir
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media
Country: Morocco

Noir is a natural and organic oil brand based in Morocco. They provide high quality organic oils that helps with health and positive lifestyle improvement.

Bold / Meaningful / Minimal / Affirmative / Professional / Upscale

Considering the preferences of the brand founder, we created a minimal and professional logotype using bold sans serif font in capital letters. We have also designed a monogram out of the logo letters in a more professional way by creating a timeless and modern feel.

“Noir” means “black” in French. That’s why we created a colour palette that is simple as it consists of only black and white. That’s the time when the name matches the brand identity fully.

As for the packaging design, we designed a simple, minimal and at the same time bold label, which includes the logo, emblem, product name and weight. Also, there is a seal sticker that gives an impression of professionalism and high quality.

Branding also included a business card, other types of labels, posters, packaging bags, and social media content.