M’Essentiel Fashion Designer

Client: M'Essentiel
Services: Rebranding, Packaging Design, 3D
Country: UK

M’Essentiel is a men’s fashion store that provides men in London with high-quality luxury clothing and accessories.

Organic / Upscale / Luxurious / Professional / Bold

The rebranding of M’Essentiel started with the logo. Giving the brand a strong impression was decided by making a logo in a bold and affirmative way, using a sans serif font with capital letters.

The colour palette of this brand includes dark and serious colours, with black and white as the main spectres of the identity.

Creating a brand or rebranding for a fashion store means designing every type of label. We have designed clean black and clean white labels which include only the logotype and the size. The packaging boxes for bags, wallets, and other accessories are designed identically except for the background colour, which changes with the product type.

The rest of the details include shopping bags, business cards, posters, and social media content.