Hotel Palms

The Client

Hotel Palms is a typical Moroccan hotel spread over 5 hectares in Sidi Bousmara. The hotel offers its customers an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and wellness center services. In addition, Le Sqala restaurant offers international cuisine, Le Diffa offers Moroccan cuisine, and à la carte lunches are served at the Hermes-Grill snack bar by the pool.

The Objective

We have created a brand identity for Hotel Palms, where we can give the comfort of a hotel and the feeling of ‘I must go here’.

The Solution

We started this work by designing logotype, emblem and secondary mark alternatives. Afterwards, we used earth tones in the color palette we chose considering the geographical location of the brand, and green and blue tones as it merges with the sea. Thus, we brought together the color palette with our minimalist works. Afterwards, we completed the design of many printed materials such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, cloth and cardboard bags, door cards, towels and bathrobes, event posters to be used in the hotel. Together with our customers, we have completed our work, which we have carefully prepared in line with their wishes, by designing the designs of their social media accounts and the digital content to be used on the site.
We hope you liked the brand identity we created for Hotel Palms!