Gaia Traditional Italian Kitchen

Client: Gaia
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: USA

Gaia is a concept study planned as a traditional Italian kitchen in New York City.

Modern / Vibrant / Eye-catchy / Professional / Unique

We decided to create a unique Gothic font for the logotype. It is a unique type of font due to its intriguing shapes and thickness difference. There is an emblem design we have designed as well, which includes the “G” from the logotype and is surrounded by the “Traditional Italian Kitchen” phrase.

Shades of green were chosen as the colour palette because of their health and natural associations. As soon as we had selected the colours and the best matching shades, we went on with the pattern design. The pattern has a striped design with an overlaying effect, which visually gives a 3D feel.

As for all the restaurant businesses, we have created napkin, menu, and cup holder designs.