Friday Floats

Client: Friday Floats
Services: Branding, Social Media Content
Country: Canada
Friday Floats is a brand that provides people everything they need for a joyful summer vacation.
Vibrant / Associative / Comprehensible / Bold / Timeless / Fresh
We decided to show the happiness we get during our vacation and the most common part that is associated with vacation for the emblem. That’s why we used palms that merge together and create a happy face. For the logotype, we used the Sans Serif font to create a timeless and classic feel. The colour selection for the colour palette is full of vibrant and summer-connected tones. Every colour is connected to something special, like grass, clear skies, sand, flowers, and the sea. At the same time, these colours are associated with positivity, excitement, nature and clarity of mind. We have also created a fancy pattern that includes illustrations of the flowers, water splashes, and clouds.