Cat Turner Fashion Designer

Client: Cat Turner
Services: Branding, Packaging Design
Country: UK

Cat Turner is a fashion brand of affordable and high-end lifestyle clothing and accessories in London. The brand stands for joy, inspiration, and aspiration.

Inspirational / Upscale / Timeless / Classic

We used a bold monospaced font to create a strong feeling and an attention-grabbing effect. We have also created an emblem, which is made up of the four “C” letters sticking back to back for a professional and serious look. This logo is also able to fit any surface and be used for any purpose, such as bags, clothes, and accessories.

We selected only black, white, and shades of grey. The neutrality of this colour lets any layout look professional and classic. At the same time, the labels of these colours will look balanced and harmonically on the clothing.

The shopping bag we created is fully black with a matte cover and has a debossed emblem on it. Other than labels and shopping bags, we have also created a packaging box which includes the labels and emblem inside of the box and has a plain black background as well.