Client: Büro
Services: Branding, Social Media Content
Country: Turkey

Büro is an office furniture design company that provides service excellence both in its homeland of Turkey and around the world.

Minimal / Unique / Classic / Meaningful

Rebranding, in this case, started with a logotype. For accuracy’s sake and a more comprehensive look, we decided to make it neat and bold by highlighting the “ü” letter. The uniqueness of this letter is that there are dots, and they were placed right inside the “u” letter. This way, we created a logotype that gives not only a local business feeling but an international one as well.

For the professional and serious look, we selected a palette of dark and neutral colours combined with white. This way, every combination will give a classic, minimal and, at the same time, timeless look. We have also created two types of patterns. The first wood pattern is designed to create a strong association with the brand’s business. As for the second pattern, we created it using the logo mark for a prestige feel.

Considering the business type of this brand, we created product cards, business cards, and social media content.