Client: Avantport
Services: Branding
Country: UK

Avantport is a strategic, brand, marketing, sales, and property development consulting company.

Modern / Bold / Professional / Earthy /

We designed a monospaced thin font, where the “AVA” part drags attention with the V letter turning into the A. We have also included a design of a lettermark out of “AV”. For the lettermark, we made it bold and filled it with colours in a special gradient effect. At the end of it, we placed a dot-like apostrophe for an affirmative feel.

From the beginning, green was the preferred colour of the brand. For this reason, we have included a full spectrum of shades of green. As an additional colour, we used white and off-white. This way, colour combinations achieve a natural professional feel. Combining these colours also creates multiple alternatives for the lettermark.

Considering the type of this business, we designed only business cards, name badges, and soft bags.