Client: Alici's
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Social Media
Country: UK

Alici’s is a Turkish cuisine restaurant based in London and founded by three brothers whose goal was to have others try Turkish food and culture.

Modern / Minimal / Eye-catchy / Timeless

To create a modern and classic look at the same time, we came up with a sans serif font in monospace style for a balanced feel. The main accent in the logotype is a triangle shape. Some may not know the meaning of this triangle, but it was created to show that the founders of Alici’s restaurant are three brothers. That’s why we picked the triangle, due to its connection between all corners.

As for the colour palette, we combined soft pastel colours with silver and shades of grey. These colours create a rich variety of combinations, starting from contemporary pink patterns to luxurious silver combinations. We have also designed pattern alternatives out of colourful triangles in a chaotic sequence with big triangles and specially sequenced small triangles.

Considering this is a restaurant branding, we have designed all the small details such as a cup holder, menu, takeaway and delivery packages. All of it was designed in a minimal and prestigious way.